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A nice extra income in your neighbourhood as a promo courier


  • You are you own boss
  • You choose when you work
  • You decide how you get to work: bike, moped, car or by foot Important: if you intend to collect from our depot, you will need a car.
  • You work at you own pace and according to you own availability
  • You always have the chance to to earn more
  • You get nice discounts at well-known stores
  • You can take advantage of great coaching at the start, and excellent support from our coaches
  • Extra premium for those who introduce colleagues to Promo Couriers

Distribute advertising leaflets

As a Promo Courier you distribute advertising brochures throughout your chosen neighbourhood every week. You choose whether you do this by bike, car, moped or by foot. The distributions are weekly between Sunday and Tuesday. The period in which the complete distribution must be complete is therefore fixed, but you can choose the times you distribute the brochures within that period. This means you can work according to your availability.

  • In a neighbourhood of your choice
  • Weekly assignment
  • By car, moped, bicycle or by foot
  • Limited storage required


Important. You do not need a large storage area, but you should certainly ensure you have enough space. Sometimes you have to put brochures together in a package before you distribute them. You should take this into account when determining your availability: allow sufficient time in your agenda.

Female courier puts advertising brochures in letterbox

Distribute catalogues

Your goal? Post catalogues in the letterbox at every address provided annually. There is a period every year within which you can distribute as a courier. Within that period, you can choose when you work, as long as you finish your region within the agreed period.

  • In a neighbourhood of your choice
  • No rolling mandate – according to your own available time
  • Limited storage required
  • You need a car

Important. Anyone who wants to distribute catalogues will need both a car and storage space.

Courier puts Ikea catalogue in the letterbox

Refill displays

As a promo courier, it is your job to make deliveries by, for example, refilling empty advertising displays. Do you have a car, a silver tongue, and enough time (to chat)? Then this is for you.

  • Pick up or drop off at one of our local depots
  • Larger route(s)
  • Limited storage required
  • Rolling mandate (depending on the region)
  • You will need a means of transport (car/van/trailer)
Male courier puts a catalog in a mycity display point

Distribute municipal information leaflets

As a promo courier of municipal information leaflets, you will be distributing in a municipality or city near you either every month or every two months. You can choose when to distribute the information leaflets, as long as this falls within the fixed distribution period (of course, we will let you know when this is).

  • In a municipality or city near you
  • Limited storage space required
  • Monthly or bi-monthly assignment
  • You will need a car

Important. Because you have to pick up the municipal information leaflets in one of our regional distribution centres, you will need a car.

promo courier puts municipal information leaflets in the letterbox

Stories of our promo couriers

Smiling courier looking at the camera
Jacques Roelant
It keeps me exercising and provides me with social interaction


Anyone from the age of 18 can become a Promo Courier, as long as you are registered as a self-employed person. In addition, you must meet one of the following conditions:

  • You work for a minimum of 19 hours per week as an employee, or you are already self-employed in a main or secondary occupation
  • Or you receive unemployment benefits and can use the “springboard to self-employed person”:
  • Or you are a student aged at least 18
  • Or you are retired
  • Or you receive a disability allowance and you have successfully requested permission from the relevant authority to earn a limited amount as a self-employed person in a secondary occupation

Any questions? take a look at our frequently asked questions

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